Search the WordPress Codex from Alfred

Search WordPress Codex from Alfred

Awhile back, Brian Krogsgard mentioned the productivity app for OS X called Alfred. Since then, I’ve found myself using it on a daily basis. A quick Google search will return a lot of great articles about Alfred, so I won’t go into depth here. But I did want to share one custom search that I find myself using fairly regularly.

Create a Custom Search in Alfred for the WordPress Codex

Throughout my day-to-day work I often reference the WordPress Codex. No matter how much I learn, I still find myself looking up function references. One of the great things about Alfred is that it allows you to create custom searches. That means that you can create a custom search to look up functions in the WordPress Codex. Just enter the following:


Alternatively, you can create it manually by following these steps:

  1. Open Preferences > Features > Web Search in Alfred.
  2. Click Add Custom Search in the bottom right.
  3. For Search URL enter:{query}
  4. For Title enter: WordPress Functions (or whatever name you’d like).
  5. For Keyword enter: wp (or whatever shortcut you would like).
  6. You can drag an icon to display with the search. I used the official WordPress logo.
  7. Click Save
  8. Call Alfred and try a search using your Keyword followed by a WordPress function name.

Again, this is only one of many things that you can do with Alfred. It’s a great app, and I highly recommend it. What do you think?

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    1. That’s great! It takes things a step further. Just one thing to note, the Powerpack is required to import workflows. Thanks for sharing!

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